Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Merci Adeline!

Monday, 14 December 2009

As I was saying...

As I was saying on Friday I was at home baking up a storm for the three parties on Saturday. I shared with you the truffles that I was making and I just couldn't not share with you the cupcake recipe.  Everyone, well everyone that I watched, who ate them murmured with delight and if it wasn't the middle of the silly season of overeating I'm sure everyone wouldv'e taken a second and/or a third one. But we were at a Hen's party which included: a bride to be, several witnesses (French equivalents of bridesmaids), and French girls who seem to have already learnt self-control and healthy eating habits. 

Friday, 11 December 2009

A Train Strike and Truffles

There is another strike on the trains! Hardly surprising during the months of November and December in France. The schools, the post office, the train drivers and even the Police have striked this year. It's the RER A again today, since yesterday, and it's all over a 4% pay rise (among other things).  I couldn't get to work this afternoon because every single train was cancelled. Sorry kids - no English History this afternoon.  

So while the Christmas music played I donned on my apron and set to work in the kitchen. I have three parties tomorrow. I know it's always busy close to Christmas but none of these parties are even remotely related to Christmas. A birthday party, a hen's party and an engagement party.  Lucky me!  While baby Jesus was being born in a manger and the angles were harking on the stereo I was baking Christmas flavoured cupcakes for my gorgeous friend about to get married and truffles to celebrate the engagement of other dear friends. The apartment smells so delicious I'd like to throw the windows open and share it with my neighbours.  It's a bit cold for that though!

Here are the truffles for you to share at your Christmas table this year. 

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Autumn at Château de Vincennes

I just wanted to share autumn with you. I love this time of year.
lots of love
L x

Forget all other soups

Here it is - perhaps the 'piece de resistance' from my kitchen this season. I was flicking through some food magazines, entertaining myself while it poured with rain outside our Paris apartment. I wish I could tell you the fire was roaring and the cat was purring but that would be dreaming in a 35m sq apartment in central Paris.  However the heating was on and I was curled up under a rug on our sofa - one must make do with what one has. This soup caught my eye mainly because I was looking for ways to use the coconut milk in the fridge.  
Pretty soon the onions were chopped and cooking and the sweet potato was being cut up ready for dinner.