Friday, 19 March 2010

Spring and Sweet Red Pepper Sauce

Spring is finally coming! It's nearly here - officially it arrives on Sunday.  After a long winter it's a relief to feel a small warmth in the wind.  It doesn't bite through your jacket like it did all through December and January, and February come to think of it. The birds are singing songs in the trees as I walk home from the metro each evening. 
Spring means summer. 
Red Pepper Sauce.
No better way to get ready for summer. It's a brilliantly useful sauce for cooked chicken or lamb.  It's great added to vinaigrette for a salad a bit different.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Orange Syrup Cake

Dear Hélène,
Here is the cake recipe that you asked for.
P.S. even if your name is not Hélène you are more than welcome to try it. 

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mid-week Fish Dish

Dear All,
How are you this week? Did you get your ironing done? Are the dishes put away? Have you had time to make your bed yet? 
Please don't be afraid if you come over to visit. The ironing pile is hidden, we've shut the door to the bedroom mess and the dishes are clean (even if they are still on the bench). But that's the great thing about friends - we forgive each other if our house, life and sometimes our attitude isn't perfect.
Here is a new recipe just for you. It's even good enough to make for friends who come over to eat. 
From my busy life to yours