Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Inbetween seasons with a green bean salad

The great debate is on. Is it time to change one's wardrobe from winter to summer? Is it too early?  Will I leave the house one crisp morning next week and wish my jumper was not vacuumed-packed in the basement? Typical parisian apartments are rather small and one is required to rotate winter and summer wardrobes as there is not usually enough room for a bigger closet. 
In the kitchen my recipes and menus are mimicking the change to warmer days. It's time to put away thoughts of tartiflettes, casseroles and heart warming soups and look towards summer produce and flavours. I'm eagerly awaiting the nectarines, peaches and fresh French cherries, iced tea on the terrace, a cold beer after a day in the sun.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday's Brunch and Lemon Basil muffins

I love Saturdays. Don't you? 
Today 6 of my lovely girlfriends came over for brunch.  
On the menu : Bacon and eggs, Cherry and Vanilla jam + ricotta tartines, Lemon Basil muffins
If you ever do a brunch you should include these Lemon Basil muffins on your table. My girlfriends asked to take home the ones we didn't eat. They are that good.
Don't be put off by the ingredients. It's not everyday you put basil, yes basil the green herb, in your sweet muffins, but trust me - it works.
They are themselves a reason to put on a brunch chez toi. So gather some girlfriends and enjoy a lazy Saturday brunch. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

how to cook and save the world at the same time

Yes - it is possible to do both at once!  Several things have changed my life lately thanks to a book and video. 
Half the Sky is written by a husband and wife Pulitzer Prize winning team about the basic state of women in the world today. It has broken my heart and warmed my heart and made me laugh, cry and ache all at once. You must read it.
The video is by Christine Caine about the organisation A21's efforts to help rescue victims from the horror of human trafficking.   
After reading and watching these I know that this is something I cannot or rather we cannot afford to ignore. 

So, after hearing your constant requests for 'please help me to cook' we put together a Cooking Workshop that supports A21 and the work they do. You learn to cook something delicious and you help rescue someone from a terrible situation. Pretty neat huh?! (not cool that people are hurt and broken but pretty cool that we can help them)

My lovely friend Jon offered his professional talent for the evening and 8 gorgeous participants showed up to offer their support to A21, ready at the same time to make some delicious desserts. 

Click to see some photos of the fun :
(We'll be doing more of these so watch this space for information)